Remembering Route Zero

This zine is a reflection of my time with the Kentucky Route Zero, an odyssey in videogame form created by the studio Cardboard Computer.

I watch the moon drift steadily for seven minutes over the course of seven days, months, or years. A screen flickers and it resets. The times are unprecedented.

Over seven days in August of 2020 I played through the whole released game, my only previous interaction was seven years earlier when I played the first act through once and decided to wait until I could play the whole thing at once. It brought me both comfort and terror in the depths of isolated summer nights. Now I hope to share those memories with you.

The zine also contains instructions for a proposed speed-run of the original game, my record is about 6 minutes (vocalized).

Release date Sep 02, 2020
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Made withTwine
TagsBlack and White, Narrative, poetry, Text based, Twine, zine
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial_ShareAlike v4.0 International
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Really lovely, both the poems and the UI. I particularly liked "Unknown Media" and "Styx", and the proposed speedrun is a really cool idea. My time for the run was 7:45, but I took my time with it. Loved this. Thanks for sharing. <3


very good, like it a lot