Mind Psychometry

The greatest desire we hold in our hearts is the wanting to be known. Now, thanks to advancements in psychometric phrenology, we can know you better than ever. By taking our test we can truly understand our strengths, your failures, and your vulnerabilities.

This personality quiz was developed by a dystopian HR department. It is designed to coerce, extort, and ultimatly dehumanize applicants. This copy has been made inert and safe for recreational play, but it's subject matter is still intense. Play at your own discretion.

This assessment was first made available in Indipocalyse #20. To buy a copy along with 9 other fantastic titles check out the zine at https://pizzapranks.itch.io/indiepocalypse-20

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsCreepy, Dystopian, Horror, Queer, Text based, Transgender, Twine


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Absouletly loved this!

Well this is thoroughly messed up, in a good! A lot of these types of fiction don't creep me out as much because I can usually see where they're going, but this...! Made me very uncomfortable. Excellent job!

I seem to be getting a security error when I try to play online.

According to https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/webstorage.html#dom-sessionstorage-dev

The error is thrown as it returns 'null' (opaque origin) instead of returning a tuple. Programming is hard. Just thought I'd share in case you wanted to know.

Chrome seems to have issues running this, but Firefox worked fine for me ^_^

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this was great and i would love to see more works that take place in this universe/follow this theme!! the ending message was super clever and the whole obsession with "breeding" was disgustingly amazing. Also, you nail the HR department voice


oh juniper this was such a delight to play through, seriously powerful work <3


This is 100% amazing!!! I love the writing, how well it is put together and I also love the amount of outside information that is added to this. It helps so much to put you in the mind space of doing a test for psychiatry, Thank you also for putting the sources at the end. I look forward to any new game made, this was absolutely incredible<3


This is exactly, 100% something I'm really into (platonically). I love being forced to slowly become unfomfortable over time, and this hit me with it directly. Genuinely incredibly enjoyable


this was so so cool!!!!!! i love taking personality quizzes, but i love taking fake, psychological horror-themed personality quizzes even more. it's such an underrated genre, and you definitely did it justice. definitely reminds me of those bullshit degrading surveys you have to take when you get a new psychiatrist