Goose County

It was a first time offence, so the officer reduced the fine to the standard rate for a cursed tome. Apparently the Oxford primer on magical realism I was carrying had been printed three years before the printing press was invented.

Goose County is a crunchy bitmap exploration of the twisting landscapes found nestled between England's disused canals. This digital translation of the original  handmade pamphlet is designed for you to freely read online in a style loosely inspired by Jon Boi's football 17776.

To read or print the zine in its older format just download the PDF.


Gouse County.pdf 3 MB


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I enjoyed this, though it had fewer Geese than I was expecting. I love the starkness given to the pictures by the halftone screens. It reminds me of things I used to do (many, many) decades ago in Hypercard, when the only art it could support was 1-bit dithers. The dithering gave the same sort of quality to the images.

Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to read! Hopefully this concept art will make up for the lack of Geese in the main text.

They certainly do! I am now much more Goose'd than I was before. This is a good thing.